Sato Medical Clinic
(since 1956)

About us

This clinic was established in 1956 by Imatsu Koyama. He dedicated to the community medicine for 46 years. His philosophy is acceptance of the patients at any time and treat the patients with heartfulness.

Out-of-prescription is prevailed in these days but he persisted Hospital prescription to prepare the medicine with his heartfulness. Employing the Out-of-prescription, he could not prepare the medicine with his heart and could not treat the patients at night or holidays.

We succeeded his philosophy
Accept the patient any time.
Medicine with heartfulness.

We dedicate to community medicine with that philosophy.

Profile of Dr Shuzo Sato

Dr Shuzo Sato

He is popular with [Today’s Health] in NHK TV or radio and known as a mark of liveliness.

His major is neuronal disease especially stroke and dementia.

He also has a lot of experiences of the surgery, obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and cardiovascular disease those are cause of stroke.

He was grown Miura peninsula near the sea shore and finished second in Judo tournament of Kanagawa prefecture in his junior high.

Utilizing the experiences of working as a government employee at national institute of health (NIH) in Washington DC and a professor of University of California San Francisco, he served as a simultaneous interpreter more than 30 years.

He is enjoying fishing and classic ballet to protect dementia and conserve his strength.


Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, General Surgery, Dermatology

Special outpatient treatment

Obesity University
Ballet Clinic
Nicotine dependence
Sleep apnea

Sato Medical Clinic is old-fashioned home clinic, we treat minor surgery, joint dislocation and regular medical treatment.

We collaborate university hospitals and public hospitals to offer a comprehensive medical treatment.

New Sato Medical Clinic building was constructed in 2010 and 3 parking spaces are available.

Reception Time

Morning9:00-12-00Monday -Saturday
Afternoon16:00-18:30Monday-Saturday (Except Thursday and Saturday)

Except Sunday and National Holidays


2-35-4 Yoga Setagaya-ku Tokyo Japan 158/0097

TEL 03-5491-7745 FAX 03-5491-7746